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Cloud 2021: What is coming, why, and how we get there

thoughts about cloud computing in 2021

In this podcast hosted by David Linthicum (Managing Director & Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte Consulting), you'll be hearing from the Cloud Professionals Mike Kavis and Ranjit Bawa. They discuss what's happened in 2020 and what we can look forward to coming up in terms of cloud computing and where things are moving They tackle matters like the COVID 19 pandemic, how it has changed cloud transformation and accelerated cloud computing adoption overall. They discuss the change in IT but, of course, also the changes that are happening in the organization and the people. It is all about finding new ways of working.

Other topics such as the current focus on multi-cloud as well as the desire for change that involves new markets, new channels, and a new interaction with hyperscalers are discussed.

They also bring up issues like intercloud orchestration: the ability to facilitate Ops and integrating all these various Ops tools within the DevOps toolchain.

So, what else are we looking at in terms of technology changes and innovations that are coming up in 2021?

Find out and listen in:

→ Listen to the podcast here

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