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Whitepaper: Continuous Modernization

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Continuous Modernization

There is a quote by a famous German soccer coach that translates to “After the game, is before the game”. The meaning is clear: as soon as the game is over, the (mental) preparation for the next game begins. The same applies to the ever faster acceleration of IT transformation and modernization initiatives.

This whitepaper aims to highlight a different approach to massive big bang migration programs. It focuses on reducing migration risk and enabling organizations to perpetually align their IT landscape with technical best practices and business requirements. This approach is called Continuous Modernization. The Whitepaper covers how to approach continuous application and infrastructure modernization and guides you through the most important key steps.

Topics covered:

  • Why Continuous Modernization?
  • Approach and Key Steps
  • Best Practices
  • Tool Support for Continuous Modernization

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