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Release Special 20

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Interview Release Special with CTO

For our Release 20, we have come up with something special for you. We'll share exciting insights into our history and look behind the curtain of the last 20 releases. With none other than Thomas Trojer - our Chief Technology Officer & Head of Product.

So let’s have a chat:

Tell us something about you and your role at Txture

Well, I'm a computer scientist and software engineer by training and have previously worked as a researcher, university teacher, in startups and IT-consulting companies as well as in various fields ranging from open source software, electronics, healthcare to IT-security, IT- and enterprise architecture management.

In my main role at Txture I have the pleasure to work as a principal product manager. It is my responsibility to bring everybody to the table - internal teams in sales, marketing and engineering as well as our customers and partners - to drive our product streams into the right direction. It is a very broad field of work and to be successful you need to be able to rely on great teams as well as highly engaged customers. I'm in the lucky position to have both.

What are the new features of this release? How does it make our client’s jobs easier?

Many great things have come out of version 20: we have e.g. further built upon our partnership with CAST, where we see CAST Highlight as the solution contributing cloud readiness metrics for the custom code applications of our customers. We have developed an integration, so that CAST Highlight users can easily feed its results in Txture's multi-faceted cloud readiness assessment activities.

We now also provide the ability for our users to re-use and modify Txture's baseline target architectures for applications. As you know, Txture automatically generates cloud architectures for an entire application portfolio, having insights into many different cloud providers and across many products of all cloud service models. This reduces effort in the cloud journey tremendously. But from time to time our users want to adjust individual migration actions, select similar, but different cloud products or choose alternative product configurations e.g. due to growing demand expectations.

And there is much more to it. We continuously improve our core platform, provide new analysis and reporting functionality and enhance the ways we support our clients integrate with their data. In the near future we even plan new ways to share all of our cloud knowledge with our customers, providing them with unprecedented cloud product and market insights. Be curious!

What’s your favorite feature of all releases?

That is hard to say. I believe there cannot be a single favorite feature. It is about the interplay of the entire ecosystem: a stable foundation and core data platform, vast cloud knowledge that seamlessly integrates, making cloud journeys with Txture smooth and highly efficient. Beyond the cloud journey there is all in Txture that our customers need to be successful with their cloud enterprise architecture, application portfolio and new mode of IT-operations.

What has changed during the last 10 releases?

We have progressed as far as to deliver pinpointed solutions for a variety of stakeholders driving IT-transformation activities. So we have always had the goal, but also learned from our customers and users, that Txture is a great choice when it comes to IT transparency, technical enterprise architecture management and well-informed decisions during cloud transformations.

A tip for successful product management?

Don't think in terms of "solutions", stick with the "problem". Build the capable teams and enable them to be the ones with the creative solutions.

Want some more Infos or want to try Txture on your own? Seeing is believing! Reach out to me for more information or request a free, personal demo to see our Tool in action.

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Bianca Lottersberger
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