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2021 in Review

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2021 Year in Review

Another exciting year in the cloud market with strong growth and major achievements for Txture comes to an end. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished as a team.

So here are some of the key highlights of this year:

  • Again we almost doubled our bookings continuing our strong growth path.
  • We supported more than 50 cloud transformations of our partners on 4 continents with our Txture Cloud Transformation Platform.
  • We closed 6 partnerships with global and regional system integrators
  • We released Cloud Insider providing cloud market insights and comparability of more than 300k cloud services across 9 public cloud providers
  • We celebrated 100+ cloud consultants who successfully finished our cloud transformation Certification Program.
  • We set up our US subsidiary to be closer to our US clients and partners

So what’s next in 2022?

The cloud computing market is continuing to evolve rapidly both on the provider and the client-side. Providers are continuously evolving their service portfolio as they have to innovate for market share, adapt to regulatory changes, such as Schrems II, and client demands on sustainability (green cloud), hybrid cloud and sovereign cloud.

Clients on the other hand will realize that only lifting and shifting their application portfolio is not bringing them the expected business value. This is why we expect more organizations to modernize their applications towards cloud-native. Both while moving from on-premises to cloud and when shifting from one cloud provider to another cloud provider.

Given these trends we expect an even stronger demand for Txture products to support the continuous modernization of large-scale application environments. Txture products keep making the efforts of system integrators and cloud transformation teams much more efficient, saving costs, reducing risk, and accelerating ongoing cloud modernization.

We are looking forward to another year of strong growth jointly with our partners and clients and to continue being a driver of successful cloud modernization journeys globally.

All this would not be possible without the great trust and collaboration with our partners and clients. Finally, the foundation for this success is the relentless work and dedication of the amazing Txture team!

Thank you!

Matthias & Thomas

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Matthias Farwick
Matthias Farwick
Dr. Matthias Farwick is co-founder and CEO of Txture. Before founding Txture, he worked in R&D projects in Austria, Canada, China, Germany, and the United States. He has published more than 30 scientific articles and book chapters in the context of enterprise architecture management and cloud transformation.