Txture Platform

A modular transformation suite

What is Txture?

With Txture’s Transformation Suite, you benefit from an integrated solution that allows you to analyze, optimize and transform your IT landscape from the strategic and operational perspective. All in one flexible platform. The three modules Cloud Transformation, Enterprise Architecture and Hybrid IT Management seamlessly integrate with each other.

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The Txture Suite

Solutions for all phases of your digital transformation journey

Transformation is the only constant

Being in business means constantly adapting your organization to business, market and regulatory requirements. The Txture Suite can be used at any stage of your constant transformation.

Strategic IT Analyses
and Planning
Enterprise Architecture Module
Transformation Cloud Transformation Module Hybrid IT Operation Hybrid IT Management Module
Transformation &
Data Foundation Platform Data Integration, Communication, Reporting

The Data Foundation Platform is the basis for all three core modules of Txture. It provides the data integration capabilities to integrate from any data source, the flexible meta model, the communication platform and many visualizations. Please click on the modules to learn more about each of them.


Complete Data Integration

Integrates with any enterprise data source like virtualization environments, CMDBs, EAM tools or monitoring solutions. Txture also connects to your custom APIs.

Extreme Scalability

From medium sized to global enterprises, Txture easily scales with the world’s largest IT environments.

Fully Customizable Data Model

Having special data modeling needs that exceed our best practice models? You can fully adapt Txture's data model at any time to match the specific or changing needs of your enterprise.

Multi Tenancy

Want to provide transparent views on your IT landscape to clients, partners or departments? Txture provides flexible tenant management and enables you to offer this transparency as a service!

Fine-grained Access Control

Txture provides fine-grained access control management down to the attribute level of your IT landscape. You can precisely define who can see what and avoid information overload for your stakeholders.

Time Machine

Txture provides a unique time machine feature, that allows you to perform historic analyses seamlessly and lets you visualize and query the state of your IT at any given moment in the past.

Transformation Scenarios

When using Txture's scenarios you have the ability to simulate transformations and evaluate the outcomes of changes.


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