The Platform

How Txture works

The Txture software platform supports the Cloud Center of Excellence in the entire journey to the cloud. It semi-automatically discovers your application landscape and analyses it from the business, security, compliance and technical perspective. The cloud knowledge engine then calculates the cloud readiness score, business case and target architectures based on your own cloud strategy. During and after the transformation Txture reports transformation progress and helps you to manage and (cost) optimize your multi cloud and hybrid IT landscape.

Supported Cloud Providers

100.000+ services from all hyper scalers for comparison.


key Features

100.000+ Cloud Services

Our cloud knowledge engine contains the up-to-date list of cloud services, prices, certifications and their mapping to on-premise technologies.

Cloud Transformation Cockpit

Manage the entire transformation process in one central cockpit focused on the key tasks of the Cloud Center of Excellence.

Application Focus

Analyze your cloud readiness at the application-level taking business, security, compliance and technical requirements into account.

6 R's Model

With the 6 R's strategy as part of the transformation cockpit you decide on rehosting, replatforming, refactoring, retaining repurchasing or retiring your applications. 

Cloud-Native Architectures

The cloud knowledge engine can recommend cloud native architectures for your applications based on your preferences.

Compliance Certification Check

Our cloud knowledge engine recommends services based on your certification requirements such as C5, ISO 27001, TISAX and many more to ensure cloud governance.

Assessment Surveys

Collect data from key stakeholders like application owners to assess cloud readiness in a structure way.

Customizable Reporting

Easily report transformation progress to your stakeholders with customizable reports and dashboards.

Vendor Lock-in Prevention

Txture warns when cloud services are in use or are planned that can lead to a vendor lock-in.

Video Introduction

Txture Cloud Transformation Platform

This video is a high-level introduction to the key use cases of Txture such as cloud readiness assessment, cost forecasting, cloud cost optimization, target architecture generation and migration roadmapping.


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