Cloud Transformation Management

Fast and risk free cloud transformations for regulated organizations

Key Benefits

Your Situation

You are an organization with complex legacy IT and strong regulatory requirements. You are pressed to be more agile in reacting to technological, regulatory, and market requirements. Due to the number of applications you are running, it is very difficult for you to analyse their cloud readiness and make informed transformation decisions.


Txture ensures a fast and risk free cloud transformation process. It uniquely lays its focus on the regulatory, business and technical requirements for application transformation and provides your team with the decision support. This saves time and money for the transformation planning, reduces risks and increases the quality of the transformation process. Before, during and after the transformation you can make use of the Enterprise Architecture and IT Operations Management modules to collect necessary data and manage your IT landscape from a strategic and operational perspective.

Key Use Cases

Application Discovery


Automatically discover your applications, dependencies and technology stacks, to perform your cloud readiness assessment and collect the necessary data with assessment surveys. This speeds up your transformation process and saves you time, headache and money.

Cloud Readiness Assessment


Txture analyses your applications with regards to their compliance, business, security and technical requirements. This gives you a quick overview of each applications fitness to move to the cloud.



In order to make solid transformation decisions, you need the right data quality.
Txture analyses the quality of your data and alerts you if the quality is not high enough to make adequate transformation decisions.

Cloud Strategy Recommendation


For each application Txture calculates the cloud transformation strategy. It consists of the recommendation for the 6Rs and the timeline for the transformation. This allows you to identify your transformation waves and results in higher quality transformation with fewer errors.

Cloud Cost Calculation


Txture calculates and compares the costs for each application and each available cloud provider and compares them with each other. Additionally, you can add the costs of your own private cloud to the comparison.

Collaboration Platform


During large scale transformations it is essential to have a central knowledge base where collaboration takes place. This avoids misunderstandings and removes the error prone data integration of silos.

Transformation Reporting Dashboard


Txture gives you an overview of the transformation progress during all phases. Initially it shows you how far you are in your assessment progress. During the transformation you see how many applications are in which transformation phase. This way you always have an overview of your migration progress and can anticipate potential roadblocks.


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