Hybrid IT Management Module

Enable full visibility and reduce risks of your hybrid IT landscape

Key Benefits

Your Situation

You have a complex and regulated IT infrastructure environment. Additionally, you have many data silos like CMDBs, EAM tools, virtualization systems and monitoring tools, which give you limited integrated visibility over your infrastructure. However, you have a strong demand to increase this visibility for regulatory reporting, risk reduction and root cause analyses.


Txture, like no other solution, enables you to make your IT infrastructure transparent to react to business requirements, enable fast transformations and fulfill regulatory reporting requirements. It does so by integrating all your data silos and creating a live overview of all IT dependencies.

Key Use Cases

Hybrid IT-Transparency


By integrating all your data silos, such as CMDBs, EAM tools, virtualization and cloud APIs, Txture automatically weaves a network of all your IT dependencies. This gives you a clear picture of your IT landscape from the physical servers, over your cloud deployments, up to the provided services.

Technical cloud readiness assessment


With the Hybrid IT Management module you can lay the foundation for the technical cloud readiness assessment of all your applications with Cloud Transformation module. This speeds up your transformation efforts.

Change Impact Simulations


In order to assess the impact of failures or transformations, such as cloud or data center migrations, Txture allows you to model simulated scenarios. This way you reduce the risks of your changes and can take appropriate steps for mitigation.



With Txture you integrate all your data silos and combine them with your monitoring tools. This way you get a live overview of your IT landscape and can quickly identify the root cause of downtimes.

Regulatory reporting


Use Txture to quickly report the dependencies of your hybrid IT landscape. It thereby saves you time and money in providing the necessary information when required by auditors.


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