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What is the Cloud Insider?

Understanding the market is the key to moving fast in the cloud world. Txture’s Cloud Insider provides cloud professionals with the market insights they need to plan effective cloud solutions. With price comparisons and provider options at your fingertips, you can ensure your cloud transformation matches your specific requirements.
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Deep Cloud Market Insights

Cloud Insider not only lets you experience the latest cloud trends, but also provides detailed analyses of different cloud service options. By gathering insights into how the market is developing, you can stay agile and turn this knowledge to your competitive advantage.

Vast Cloud Service Catalog

Cloud providers are constantly improving their services and options. That’s why Cloud Insider provides a cloud service catalog with up-to-date details of all the cloud services available. Having an overview of what the cloud providers are offering means your teams are always ahead of the competition.

Efficient Solutioning and Offer Preparation

Keep your cloud strategy on budget. Txture’s automated bill-of-material calculations support your planning and make it easier to justify your decisions to stakeholders. You can also compare alternatives from different cloud providers, to ensure you are receiving the most cost-effective solutions.

Boosted Team Efficiency

Easily share cloud solution drafts and alternatives with your team, and save time and costs in the process. Discussing solutions and preparing RFPs online avoids costly communication overheads and helps to keep your project on track.

Use cases

Explore the Multi-Cloud Service Market

Txture's Cloud Insider allows you to browse cloud services by provider, location, certification and underlying technology. With these flexible search options, you are able to select IaaS, PaaS, CaaS, aPaaS and SaaS services based on your exact requirements .

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Compare Multi-Cloud Services

Choosing the right provider is crucial to your success in the cloud. Txture’s cloud service catalog makes it easy to view cloud service alternatives offered by different providers and to filter them according to price, location, certifications or service levels. View available product instances, easily filter by CPU, RAM, OS and compare on-demand vs. reserved instance prices.

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Prepare Offers and RFPs

Quickly create cloud solution designs based on your technology requirements and compare with alternative solutions to save time and costs in the planning stage. Additionally, the platform automatically creates bills of materials for your cloud solution with detailed pricing information, helping you to justify your financial and technical decisions.

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