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As an Enterprise Architect, your role is to align your large IT landscapes to optimally support the business and to create an environment of innovation. You have to deal with a moving target since major technology and business trends are driving changes with unprecedented speed. Data center migrations, mergers & acquisitions, agility requirements and technology trends like hybrid cloud and industry 4.0 increase the complexity and the distribution of IT. To fulfil your job of analyzing, planning and optimizing your IT, you are more reliant than ever on up-to-date IT landscape information.

Benefits with txture

With Txture you get an up-to-date view on your IT landscape, on any granularity level that you desire. This is why we call it “Enterprise Architecture Management outside the ivory tower”! You can seamlessly integrate with your CMDBs, application performance management tools, or custom data silos, to reduce the redundancy of data collection. Based on this you can make accurate decisions based on quality information. With the full historization of Txture you can even analyse how your IT transformed in the past to understand whether it is developing in the right direction.


Application & Technology Portfolio Analyses

To accurately plan your roadmap to the digital transformations and optimize for cost and quality, you need an up-to-date overview of your application and technology landscape. Txture helps you to understand where redundancies in application capabilities lie, which technologies are in use, and where potentials for optimization are.


IT Management Dashboard

IT information in large organizations is often dispersed in many data silos. This makes it difficult to get an overarching picture of your IT in order to optimize, plan and make strategic decisions.
Txture integrates your global hybrid cloud IT information silos, from container management tools, over virtualization platforms to your CMDB, into one holistic decision making and optimization hub. This dashboard enables you to make decisions with confidence again.


Information Architecture Management

Data is the gold of the 21st century. Txture helps you to understand where your data is stored, who uses it and who is responsible. Through Txture you gain insights into the possibilities of new business models with your data. Even more, you will be able to address key regulatory requirements like the upcoming EU-GDPR.


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