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IT transformations like data center outsourcing or migrations in the context of mergers and acquisitions are inherently complex projects. Speed is essential, but often the necessary information is not available to accurately plan and monitor transformations. This can lead to costly delays or even project failures.

Benefits with txture

Txture is the central nervous system for the planning and communication in large transformation projects. It enables the automated collection of the necessary information about the physical, virtual and application architecture of an organization to the central data hub. This helps you to quickly perform due diligence to anticipate complications. You can then use Txture to plan different transformation scenarios and compare them with each other. Once you select the plan to go forward with, you can automatically generate the playbook, to execute the transformation and with the easy integration with monitoring tools and CMDBs you can monitor the progress of transformation.


IT Due Diligence in M & A

For IT due diligence in M & A cases, it is essential to quickly gather all relevant IT information to assess potential risks and to estimate the size of necessary transformation projects. Txture quickly integrates with all relevant data sources in an organization, like CMDBs, EAM and monitoring tools to rapidly deliver you a full overview of the target’s IT landscape. This gives you reliable data support for making big decisions or giving transformation advice.


Transformation Planning

For large IT transformations like cloud migrations, data center outsourcing or shifts towards industry 4.0 and IoT, it is crucial to plan alternative transformation execution scenarios. With Txture you can develop transformation scenarios and compare them with each other in terms of cost, timeliness and quality to make rational decisions based on real data.


Data Center Migration Planning

Data center migrations are large and complex projects in which all steps need to be precisely planned and executed. Txture is the solution for the full migration lifecycle. First you can analyse the current data center infrastructure, then you plan the migration and finally monitor the actual migration with Txture. During all these steps Txture is also the crucial communication platform between all involved stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page.


Transformation progress monitoring

Large IT transformations are hard to measure and keep track of progress. With Txture you can automatically follow the progress of transformations and analyse at any point in time if you are still on time and within budget.


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