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Global IT infrastructures are quickly moving towards a fully distributed hybrid cloud world. This extreme rate of change and rising complexity will make it increasingly harder to manage costs, improve SLA fulfilment and transform in an agile way to meet your business requirements.

Benefits with txture

Txture gives you and your team full visibility into your global hybrid cloud IT landscape by integrating all your existing IT data silos into one, highly efficient decision-making data hub.
It becomes your central decision point to foster a dynamic partnership with the business, analyse and improve your cost structure and improve efficiency and SLA fulfilment. Above all, it gives you a powerful tool to plan and execute transformations to react to business needs in an agile way.


Calculate your IT Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

To make informed decisions on your DC transformation you need a good understanding of your cost structure. As Txture is the central nervous system that collects all IT data, you can use it to calculate and plan your TCO. This gives you the tools to make an informed decision together with your stakeholders.


Analyse your current and historical IT landscape data to improve SLAs

To improve and optimize your hybrid cloud environment, you need to have a global overview of your IT landscape. Txture integrates with any of your IT data silos and provides you with powerful reporting tools. For example, Txture helps you to analyse your historical SLA fulfilment to globally improve.


Plan and execute data center & cloud transformations

Large scale transformations like cloud or data center migrations can be nerve wrecking experiences. Txture assists you both in the planning and the execution of these transformations with the ability to plan transformation scenarios. Additionally, Txture is the central point of communication during the transformation execution.


Root cause analyses

Incident resolution time is a crucial part of keeping and improving your SLA fulfilment. Txture provides a flexible rule mechanism to automatically identify root causes of incidents and show their impact on the application or business level. With the full historical view on your IT you can even answer questions like "How many minutes was my ERP system down in 2017?".


Provide transparency for your clients as a data center provider

In the course of increased IT distribution and regulatory compliance issues like the EU-GDPR, data centers are facing more transparency requirements by their clients. Txture’s multi-tenancy mode lets you share the parts of your infrastructure that you want to share and even provide this as a service to your clients.


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