Cloud Business Case Calculation

Calculate the business case for single applications or your entire portfolio.

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Cloud Business Case azure aws gcp price comparison

Use Case

Txture's cloud knowledge engine estimates the operating expenses (opex) for your target cloud architectures and compares it with your current on-premise costs. This enables you to calculate the cloud business case for individual applications or your entire application portfolio.
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Cloud vs. On-prem Comparison

Compare your current on-premise costs with possible cloud architectures. This enables you to make fast transformation decision based on accurate financial calculations.

Cloud Business Case on prem to cloud cloud cost savings reduce tco

Calculate Costs of Transformation Scenarios

Txture enables you to calculate large scale cloud migration scenarios including their target architectures. This way you can compare your overall cloud operating expenses between providers and transformation scenarios.

Cloud Business Case cloud cost forecast azure aws cost comparison

Cost Calculation Fine-tuning

Right-size the estimated prices based on actually expected consumption. This way you can fine tune the cost calculation also taking into account reserved instances.

Cloud Business Case capex opex cloud iaas vs paas vs saas aws
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