Cloud Readiness Assessment

Analyze the cloud readiness of your IT application portfolio.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment application assessment for cloud migration

Use Case

Txture's core use case is the cloud readiness assessment of large application landscapes. Our tool collects data from your environment, runs an application assessment for your cloud migration and provides migration recommendations to increase your transformation speed. Most importantly the assessment is performed at application-level taking each application's business, security, compliance and technical requirements into account. This enables the cloud center of excellence to be a reliable transformation decision hub for all stakeholders.
Reduce transformation risk
Increase speed
Reduce costs

Automated Discovery

Txture collects data from your on-premise application and infrastructure landscape from diverse data sources, such as virtualization environments‚ existing EAM tools, monitoring systems or your CMDB. This saves your team time and money collecting the necessary data for the assessment.

Cloud Readiness Assessment cloud provider comparison

Assess Application Data Completeness

Txture calculates the completeness of your collected data so you can make your cloud migration decisions on the best available information.

Cloud Readiness Assessment tool assessment migration readiness

Cloud Readiness Calculation

Txture analyses the cloud readiness based on configurable rules concerning business, security, compliance and technical aspects of your applications. This enables you to can make the right cloud migration decisions. Also it recommends migration timing, migration strategies (6Rs) and strategic cloud providers.

Cloud Readiness Assessment application migration decisions with 6rs of cloud migration

Analyze your entire Portfolio's Cloud Readiness

Get an overview of the cloud readiness of your entire portfolio to make migration decisions keeping your overall strategy in mind.

Cloud Readiness Assessment strategic cloud assessment
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