Transformation Roadmapping & Management

Plan your cloud transformation and manage progress.

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Cloud Roadmap cloud migration journey

Use Case

A key task of the Cloud Center of Excellence is to manage the overall cloud transformation progress. Txture enables you to strategically plan your transformation journey, report progress to your stakeholders and identify road blocks. This helps you to move fast and always know where you stand with your cloud journey.
Increase transformation progress visibility
Quickly identify transformation bottlenecks
Increase transformation speed

Cloud Transformation Dashboard

Use Txture's transformation dashboards to report progress. This allows you to always have the right information at your fingertips and reduces data collection overhead during your transformation.

Cloud Transformation Roadmap cloud migration dashboard

Status Reporting

Easily report the status of your cloud migration with specialized visualizations. This helps you to identify if you are on time and on budget and lets you quickly find your migration bottlenecks.

Cloud Transformation Roadmap journey to cloud migration project plan

Migration Wave Planning

Create high-level plans of your migration waves to structure your cloud transformation in manageable chunks. This helps you to keep large migration programs on time and on budget.

Cloud Roadmap cloud migration timeline
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More Use Cases

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