Txture Certifications

Become a Txture Certified Cloud Transformation Expert and strengthen your position as a cloud specialist.

Txture offers a certification program designed for cloud consulting firms as well as members of an organization's Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), specifically cloud and enterprise architects. The certification enhances the professional skills needed to optimally employ the Txture Cloud Transformation Platform for your successful cloud transformation projects.

The Txture Certificates acknowledges a high level of proficiency in using and administering the Txture Cloud Transformation Platform. Equip yourself for your and your organization's project success!
Enjoy flexible learning
Gain expertise at your own pace with the engaging materials we provide you with
Stand out from the crowd
Distinguish yourself and stay ahead of your competition
Show your skills
Earn a valuable credential to prove your skills and competences

Become a Txture Certified Cloud Transformation Expert

Txture CT - Associate Course

Start with our course Txture Cloud Transformation - Associate to learn how to optimally use Txture for your Cloud Transformation and to deliver high-quality transformation projects on time and on budget.

What you'll learn about:
  • The Txture Ecosystem
  • Transformation Process, Scope & Strategy
  • Discovery & Data Collection
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Target Architecture
Our offering: 
5 Lessons / 5 Online Exams  
Your dedicated Txture CT training instance

Your time requirements: 
About 15 to 20 hours 

Price: €400,00 per seat (excl. taxes)
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