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Txture is the global standard software for efficient cloud transformation and modernization.

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The Txture software in a nutshell

Txture is the central software platform to speed up and standardize your cloud transformation and modernization initiatives.
  • Speed up the data collection to map your existing on-premises or cloud estate, and assess the cloud readiness of your applications
  • Leverage Txture cloud knowledge base to generate detailed cloud architecture scenarios. Compare them and make your migration decisions with confidence
  • Bring all stakeholders together around a central communication platform and data hub
  • Continually spot modernization opportunities in your cloud estate

Accelerate your cloud transformation

Centralize data collection via surveys and ingestion from a wide variety of sources ((CMDBs, application portfolio tools, monitoring systems, virtualization environments, etc.). Assess cloud readiness, benefit, risk, and 6R cloud strategy, for each application of your IT portfolio. Generate cloud solution architecture alternatives and choose the best-suited option. Txture accelerates your cloud transformation journey with a high degree of automation and decision support.

Sell And Execute Cloud Transformations Faster

Continually identify modernization and optimization opportunities

Identify small and large modernization and optimization potentials, as Txture continually analyzes your as-is IT estate and application portfolio. Learn about required technology changes, cloud service alternatives, right sizing options, concentrated cost, cheaper cloud locations, and much more! Move forward with strategic or ad hoc transformation decisions. Txture is the central hybrid cloud asset management platform with a focus on continuous transformation at its core, unifying teams around as-is and to-be perspectives of application portfolios, technical infrastructure, data, and business architecture.

Modernization Opportunities

Bring intelligence to your cloud transformation

Get access to Txture's vast and comprehensive cloud service and IT technology catalogs. Analyze the existing technology and cloud mappings of both existing cloud estates and on-premises systems based on dimensions like features, pricing models, geographical availability, or CO2 footprint. Identify alternative cloud options and cloud solution architectures, and validate your cloud strategy. Report, discuss, and decide much faster on migration actions, with the help of Txture's cloud knowledge.

Bring Intelligence To Your Projects

Make collaboration and transformation governance easier

Work successfully with your internal teams and external partners, and all stakeholders involved in cloud transformation and modernization initiatives. Txture acts as a central communication platform and data hub for reporting, analyses, discussion and decision-making. Txture keeps track of activities, changes and decisions made and is a common ground and central space for all involved parties. Txture brings every person and every team on the same page to understand the as-is situation, define transformation goals, and visualize progress. With Txture the right stakeholders stay in the loop, allowing you to keep better track of time and budgets.

Make Collaboration Easier

Phases of cloud transformation

Making your cloud journey a great success, right from the start

Unlike other solutions, Txture takes the unique business, security, compliance and technical requirements of each business application into account. This maximizes the business benefit of the cloud migration by reducing transformation risk and saving costs.
Txture is the single platform you need to take on all planning, analysis and reporting activities in your cloud transformation project.

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