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What is Txture?

Txture is an end-to-end cloud transformation software platform.

Txture is a cloud transformation and continuous application portfolio management and modernization platform for system integrators, cloud providers, and the cloud center of excellence. Our products bring cloud strategies to life and make IT professionals succeed in a cloud-first world!

How Txture works

Txture software products support system integrators, cloud providers, and Cloud Centers of Excellence during cloud transformation initiatives of their clients. Txture customers are able to leverage extensive cloud services insights to build confident decisions for a cloud move.

Txture products provide a multi-faceted approach to automated and team-sourced data collection of application and IT landscapes. Combined with cloud service and IT technology knowhow our products produce cloud business cases, model comprehensive cloud target state application portfolios and provide clarity on actively operated multi and hybrid cloud application portfolios. Leverage Txture products to continuously identify modernization potentials both for on-premises and existing cloud estates.

Key Features

Cloud Service Knowledge

The platform contains 200k+ services from key cloud providers with their prices, variants, locations and certification, including replacement mapping for on-premise and legacy technologies. This saves costs and time and reduces risk by allowing you to choose the right technologies for your business.

Cloud Provider Neutral

The platform works with all hyperscalers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS or Alibaba Cloud and gives you unbiased recommendations based on your cloud strategy. This helps you to make decisions based on facts, not on marketing material from providers.

Multi-Cloud Support

The platform supports multiple target cloud service providers at once and helps in the provider selection process. For certain applications, moving to a private or hybrid cloud could also make sense. The platform allows you to easily select services from both your enterprise clouds and public cloud services, for maximum flexibility.

All Cloud Levels

The platform provides modernization strategies for IaaS, PaaS, CaaS, aPaaS and SaaS. This enables you to choose the services that best fit your cloud strategy and modernization efforts.

Integration Platform

The platform provides you with a large list of integration options that help you to gather data from many different data silos. By automating continuous data collection, you save valuable time and effort.

Communications Hub

The platform not only provides you with dedicated reports, but is also flexible enough to adapt to your custom reporting and analytics needs. You can share reports with your organization and set up role-based dashboards. This helps you to keep all internal and external stakeholders aligned.

Supported hybrid cloud providers

350.000+ services from all hyper scalers for comparison.


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