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Our Philosophy

At Txture we combine our unique scientific background in strategic IT management, cloud transformation and IT infrastructure management with our deep insights into the compliance requirements of highly regulated organizations.

We fully understand our client’s need to quickly transform due to cost, market and regulatory pressure.

Together with our partners, Txture enables companies to overachieve their transformation goals and with unprecedented agility to stay ahead of the competition.

We are a team of high throughput individuals and it is in our DNA to anticipate the changes and resulting requirements of the enterprise IT world and apply it to our products.

Dr. Thomas Trojer and Dr. Matthias Farwick are thought leaders in managing and transforming large-scale IT landscapes and are working together since 2007. As a highly effective team, Matthias focuses on the business side of Txture. Thomas is the brain behind the product and is leading the development as well as the consulting teams. 





Txture GmbH
Grabenweg 68
6020 Innsbruck, Austria 

+43 720 310 440


Christian Esswein Development
Dr. Matthias Farwick CEO, Co-Founder
Simone Götz Marketing
Dr. Martin Häusler Development
Johanna Häusler Development
Johannes Kessler Development
Maximilian Kober Business Development
Bianca Lottersberger Marketing
David Milic Development
Dr. Johannes Postler DevOps
Dr. Thomas Trojer CTO, Co-founder
Florian Wirthensohn Consultant

Founding Team

Dr. Matthias Farwick CEO, Co-Founder
Dr. Thomas Trojer CTO, Co-founder.
Prof. Dr. Ruth Breu Co-founder




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