Migrate to AWS

Txture supports your migration to our partner AWS with our end-to-end cloud transformation software

Accelerate your move to AWS and make your cloud transformation a success

Txture provides an automated solution that enables you to quickly analyze your current on-premise or cloud estate, and to calculate like-for-like and modernization scenarios for moving to Amazon Web Services.

The Txture software platform supports you at every stage of your migration to AWS, from the cloud readiness and 6R assessment of your applications to the definition of your migration roadmap.


  • Save time and manual effort in analyzing your current IT portfolio
  • Make more informed and faster migration decisions
  • Save costs by identifying right-sizing and optimization opportunities

Funding opportunities for your cloud migration planning

By planning your migration to AWS using Txture, there is the opportunity to get funding support.
To get started with your project and learn how we can work together, reach out to us.
AWS parternship manager, Lukas Linnarsson
Sales & Partnerships
Lukas Linnarsson
AWS partnership manager at Txture


Txture Business Case Builder

The Business Case Builder is your dedicated platform to drive business case calculations for cloud-to-cloud and on-premise to cloud transformations.

  • Discovery of your current IT estate through fast data collection
  • Automated generation of migration scenarios for moving your IT to AWS
  • Detailed insights into your future AWS architecture including products, prices, carbon footprint and possible deployment locations
Txture Business Case Builder Screenshot

Txture Application Transformation Cockpit

The Application Transformation Cockpit supports you in planning every step of your cloud transformation project, from data collection to the definition of your cloud architecture and your migration roadmap.

  • Cloud readiness and 6R application assessment
  • Application architecture planning
  • Continuous portfolio modernization
Txture Transformation Cockpit

Transformation Phases