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Poster: 6R Cloud Migration Decision Guide

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6R cloud migration decision guide

The 6R's of cloud migration are used as a fundamental guideline in most cloud transformation projects. Each R - Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Retire, Retain, Repurchase - describes a migration strategy, which indicates a clear outcome for your transformed application, but not necessarily which considerations are necessary to derive at your application migration strategy.

Do you need some support? We created a cloud migration guide for you that looks at 9 different aspects that should be considered to derive at the right 6R migration strategy for each application. Download the poster and we will guide you through the following 9 areas:

  • Application Lifecycle
  • Business Value
  • Data Risk
  • Common Capabilities
  • Technical Dependencies
  • Migration resources
  • Operations Conformance
  • Operations resources
  • Growth and Extensibility

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