Migrate to the Cloud with AMD & Txture

Automated cloud business case building & application assessments

What is the Txture platform?

Txture is an industry-leading cloud transformation planning tool used by large organizations and system integrators worldwide. It helps companies understand their IT landscape and proposes cloud scenarios based on individual preferences such as sustainability, cost, locations or providers.

Applying for an AMD-supported complementary assessment with Txture is open to organizations looking to move to the cloud or switch their strategic cloud provider. Please note that there is no legal right to free assessment.

Txture enables you to:

  • Model business cases at different providers
  • Compare like-for-like and modernization scenarios
  • Optimize for cost-efficiency and sustainability
  • Plan and manage your transformation from beginning to end

Txture's Modules

Txture offers two modules providing support before and during the actual migration:
✔️ The Business Case Builder helps organizations to build their business case, compare scenarios and understand potential cost or emission savings.
✔️ The Application Transformation Cockpit guides organizations through their entire transformation, from data collection over application assessment, solution architecture generation and roadmap planning.

Build you cloud scenarios

Business Case Builder

Map your IT estate to your provider of choice. Quickly ingest services from your current cloud vendor or on-premises estate & generate automated mappings to other cloud services.

Compare migration scenarios. Get right-sized bills of materials, cost forecasting, carbon footprint and compare scenarios (e.g. like for like vs. modernized).

Download Business Case Builder factsheet

Txture Business Case Builder Screenshot

Plan your migration

Application Transformation Cockpit

Get the migration started. Txture offers 6R app assessment (readiness, risk, timing) and supports solution architecture generation (IaaS, PaaS, CaaS - right-sized bills of materials per app, cost and carbon footprint estimates).

Keep stakeholders aligned. Migration governance & reporting, continuous application & infrastructure repository.

Download Application Transformation Cockpit factsheet

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Speed up your transformation with Txture

Get in touch to learn about the benefits of using Txture in your business case or cloud assessments, or directly apply for a complimentary assessment.
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Highlighted features

Optimize for sustainability

Lower your IT's footprint

Understand your current carbon footprint & build a greener cloud portfolio. The Txture platform provides you with a clear overview of the carbon footprint of your entire cloud estate. Find greener alternatives to your most cost- and carbon-intense services.

⚠️ Did you know? Using services that run on AMD components leads to average emission reductions of 15%*.
*Based on AMD instances on Google Cloud, 2023-2024. Find stats for AWS estates at the bottom of the page.

Txture Business Case Builder Screenshot

Manage your expenses

Boost your cost-efficiency in the cloud

Optimize cloud costs with Txture. Compare cloud costs easily: Providers, tech, & pricing models. Find cost-efficient services that suit your needs.

⚠️ Did you know? Upgrading servers to recent AMD processors can significantly improve performance and therefore reduce operating costs.
More on AMD's cost-efficiency

Cost Forecast

Get started with Txture: Apply for free assessment

What is the process to get a complimentary assessment?

You fill out the application form and we forward your details to AMD. You can apply for it as long as this page is online.
⚠️ There is no legal right to the AMD-supported assessment.

If you have specific questions, reach out to our Head of Alliances Stefan.

How do I know that Txture is the right tool for me?

You can browse our website, or just book a quick call below. Explain your situation to our experts and they will be happy to show you the features we offer for your specific needs.

If I use the complimentary assessment, do I have to choose AMD processor-based services?

No. All your cloud choices remain entirely yours.
AMD parternship manager, Stefan Heilig
Head of Alliances
Stefan Heilig
Head of Alliances at Txture

Comparing AMD to Intel

Choosing AMD components on your AWS estate

AMD: Same performance, less cost.

Calculating performance
For each of the presented business cases in Txture, a different amount of selected AMD Zen4 m7a and Intel m7i x16large instances is used, in way to correspond to performance measurements for both underlying processors. The benchmark we referred to was reported by Phoronix as Timed Node.js Compilation 19.8.1 and suggests a performance advantage of AMD "Zen4" by approximately 16.5%.
Please note that this specific performance-to-cost ratio calculation is not yet implemented in Txture, but is a feature we aim to include. Actual performance and cost efficiency may vary based on workload, configuration, and pricing changes.

Calculating carbon emissions
The electricity and carbon footprint data provided are estimated values. These estimates are derived from the Cloud Carbon Footprint project which does not list exact values for the m7i/m7a processors yet. The actual values may vary based on several factors including specific usage patterns, and additional low CO2 energy sources provided by AWS.

Comparing cloud services on AMD and Intel components.