Dream big, plan well: save time and automatically generate cloud target architectures

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Dream big, plan well: save time and automatically generate cloud target architectures

What can you do to win more bids, scale your service offering, execute your cloud transformation projects faster, and become your customers' trusted advisor in the cloud business?

Let’s talk about it!

In our series of Coffee Break Sessions, we cover best practice tips in bite-sized knowledge chunks for system integrators looking to speed up their client’s cloud migration.

This series of events is meant for: Cloud Consultants, Cloud Transformation Managers, and Cloud Delivery Leads, looking for best practices to accelerate large-scale cloud transformation projects.

SESSION 3 - DREAM BIG, PLAN WELL: save time and automatically generate cloud target architectures

A new cloud architecture must be specified for each application in the IT landscape as part of the cloud transformation process. The main challenge comes from the variety of cloud products. Moreover, each cloud provider has its own way of presenting its offering, making it difficult to precisely compare features and costs. If you have to transform a large IT landscape, defining the best cloud architecture for each application can be complex and time consuming.

The extensive cloud knowledge base of Txture provides detailed information about the features and costs of each target architecture. This helps you compare all the options way faster, define which target architecture best fits your application, and make your migration decisions with confidence.

Discover how Txture helps you to:

  • Get detailed information about the features, costs, and regulatory compliance of each cloud product in the target architecture.
  • Come up with an efficient cloud migration roadmap to save time during your migration and keep all stakeholders aligned.
  • Provide accurate forecasts to the main stakeholders of your project.

Event date:

  • Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 || 04:00 - 04:30 p.m. (CET)

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