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I like to move it: Drive cloud modernization and innovation

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I like to move it: Drive cloud modernization and innovation

What can you do to win more bids, scale your service offering, execute your cloud transformation projects faster, and become your customers' trusted advisor in the cloud business?

Let’s talk about it!

In our series of Coffee Break Sessions, we cover best practice tips in bite-sized knowledge chunks for system integrators looking to speed up their client’s cloud migration.

This series of events is meant for: Cloud Consultants, Cloud Transformation Managers, and Cloud Delivery Leads, looking for best practices to accelerate large-scale cloud transformation projects.

SESSION 4 - I LIKE TO MOVE IT: drive cloud modernization and innovation

Your clients may be dissatisfied with lengthy, one-off modernization plans if they recognize that their company's needs have changed. However, they would somehow need to modernize their application landscape in order to take advantage of the most recent technological developments and to enjoy improved productivity, higher dependability, and lower costs.

Become a trusted partner by keeping an eye on the current IT landscape and spotting opportunities for continuous, practical modernization.

Txture Cloud Transformation provides you with a scalable solution to identify target workloads and discover the best modernization options from a financial, risk, and technical perspective.

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