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Rapid Cloud Business Case Building with Txture: Progress Update

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Txture's Cloud Business Case Builder is your solution for rapid cloud-to-cloud (but also on-premises-to-cloud) assessments. After ingesting data from your existing cloud estate with a single click, Business Case Builder immediately provides you with reports on future cloud cost, sustainability metrics, optimization potential via right sizing or alternative pricing options. This works for a collection of supported service types like block and blob storages, various types of compute infrastructure, managed databases and more.

We constantly expand our cloud-to-cloud mapping capabilities. As part of our recent development efforts we worked on the following automation capabilities:

  • Considerations of average CPU utilization for burstable or non-burstable compute instance selection for both cost and resource optimization.
  • Reaching better cost efficiency of business cases by optionally allowing to down-size cloud compute instances from as-is compute resources (within a configurable threshold).
  • Compute and database right-sizing by considering peak and average resource utilization as well as runtime hours.
  • Enriching our exportable reports, now providing lots of new useful data, e.g. indications on high availability database setups or carbon footprint summary and estimated emission per line item.
Carbon emission insights for cloud architecture portfolioAn overview of a single computed business case in Txture's Cloud Business Case Builder. Detailed bills of material, comparisons of different pricing options and allocated cost per product type per business case are available too.

Have a look at our short video presentation if you want to learn more about how to efficiently plan cloud-to-cloud migration with Txture.

Reach out to us if you want to learn more about Txture's Cloud Business Case Builder and its rapid assessment capabilities!