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Detailed Business Case Reporting for Cloud Scenarios

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A well-founded cloud business case presents you with insights and alternatives to support making the right cloud migration decision. In the new Txture version, we enhanced the reporting capabilities of the Business Case Builder to enable you to get to the key findings and presentation-ready reports quicker and easier.

Cost is always an important factor. Of course, in a cloud migration decision it’s not all about the price tag (it shouldn’t be!) but it certainly is one of the strongest arguments to win key stakeholders’ support for a cloud modernization project, particularly in the early phases of a potential new engagement. Therefore, the new reporting capabilities in the BCB focus on answering the following questions:

  • How much do I save with this migration?
  • How much more do I pay for scenario X?
  • What is the cost share of a particular subgroup of services?

How much do I save with this migration?

Based on your or your client’s existing IT infrastructure and managed services you create several target cloud scenarios with the BCB which are directly comparable in the overview. To present the clients with potential savings when opting for a particular cloud solution, you can now configure a scenario based on the data of the client’s current cloud estate and compare it to the cloud target scenarios.

cloud migration cost savings calculation

How much more do I pay for scenario X?

In the overview of the Business Case Builder you find different view modes to compare certain details of your cloud target scenarios. The “Cost” view will now show you a bar chart comparing the total cost of each cloud target scenario to easily depict how much can be saved when opting for the cheaper versus the more expensive solutions.

cloud migration scenario cost

What is the cost share of a particular subgroup of services?

For some clients, it may be critical to learn, for instance, what the associated costs for particular services based on a certain technology are. From now on you can use our full-fledged custom reporting capabilities not only for the AS-IS environment but also for all cloud target scenarios you created. This will allow you to create very specific reports that focus on the details of a particular target scenario.

subgroup of cloud services cost share

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