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Right-sizing and scaling for cloud storage services

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storage scaling

In preparation to a cloud assessment and transformation initiative, Txture helps gaining transparency of your IT estate and application portfolio.

For storage systems, we typically understand its type (block, blob/object), where it is attached or used (database, VM, some software/technical component) and attributes like size and capacity (if limited) of the system.

When considering cloud storage systems, expected price is usually mainly bound to the used storage amount. Right-sizing on storage systems is a very typical way to save costs, by calculating a forecast not based on the capacity of a current storage system, but rather by its size. Obviously business applications also need to be assessed towards their expected data growth over time, which influences directly any scaling required for the cloud storage services to be employed in the future.

For this, we have now added a storage scaling factor to all storage assets you can keep track of in Txture. A scaling factor of e.g. of 1.2 leads to an automated cloud storage proposal in Txture's generated cloud target architectures per business application, that acknowledges a 20% growth or "buffer" to hold future data.

right-sizing based on storage scaling factorsDefine future storage demand and get right-sized recommendations for your cloud migration

This feature addition helps you to lay out different business plans to compare cost impacts of changing storage requirements and helps to lay out cloud migration plans that are optimized by means of both right sizing, but taking into account realistic assumptions on future storage demand.

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