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Introducing Custom Line Items for Complementing Cloud Bills of Materials

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cloud bill of materials

Precise cost forecasting is very crucial for realistic project planning and to achieve high project success rates in the end. Companies not only want to see what the planned target architecture in the cloud will cost, but also, for instance, what labor costs are estimated to perform the migration. The latter one may vary widely across different cloud migration strategies (e.g. rehosting vs. rearchitecting).

In order to enable more precise cost forecasts, the cloud proposal section in Txture Cloud Transformation (CT) has been enhanced with the option to include custom line items in the cloud bill of materials (BOM). Navigate to the Target Architecture section, select a proposal and go to “Price & Bill of Materials”. By selecting “Edit proposal” an additional box appears below the total estimated price of your BOM.

adding custom line itemsFor saved proposals customer line items can be added in the edit view of the proposal.

Currently custom price items can be added as either “Fixed amount” or “Percentage” on top of the BOM. This allows you to add overhead costs, for instance labor, development expenses, maintenance fees, yet to be captured traffic or runtime cost and so on. Alternatively you can express fixed or relative discounts with it as well.

cloud bill of materialsThe custom line items can be added in the grey box which appears below the BOM.

Custom line items can be added both per target architecture proposal, for all proposals of an application, but also globally for the entire application portfolio and groups of applications.

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