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Efficient team handover by providing detailed migration wave reports

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cloud migration wave report

The handover between different teams in a cloud project can be a huge challenge, especially in large scale cloud transformations where different organizations may be involved. The cloud assessment teams are not necessarily the ones who carry out the migration. What’s more, the migration team may be split by certain application or asset type responsibilities, data center locations, target cloud providers and products etc. All these factors contribute to complex data handover processes.

To support the handover, particularly between the assessment and migration teams, we made it easier to forward purposefully grouped information directly to relevant stakeholders. In the section Roadmapping you are able to group certain applications into so-called Migration Waves and generate exports from it. The export contains all applications of the Migration Wave and the components of its deployment stack with information from the as-is estate and the corresponding cloud service selection for the target architecture. This allows the expert teams to view or, if necessary, adjust on individual servers, databases etc. of those applications.

cloud migration waveOverview of a cloud migration wave with three applications

Read more about how to smoothly transition from cloud transformation planning to actual migration execution with application-centric migration roadmaps.

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