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Cloud Target Architecture

Restricted cloud regions for governmental and highly regulated companies

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government cloud

Several cloud services providers (CSP) offer dedicated cloud regions to support e.g. special compliance requirements of governmental organizations or highly regulated companies.

The offered cloud services usually undergo dedicated assessments as e.g. according to FedRAMP[1] High baseline, FIPS 140-2[2] and others. They also follow stricter guidelines on what institutions will be able to gain access to the offerings and what personnel will be able to control the cloud service estate.

If your client is e.g. from the public sector, we have marked related cloud regions as such. Those regions are usually restricted and not available to all clients. Correspondingly we have added a new cloud target architecture preference to reflect the client situation, in general or for specific application workloads.

government cloud preference settingConfiguring a government-cloud only strategy for a particular workload.

Beyond this new option, you can always leverage our existing industry and security certifications setting too, in order to limit conforming cloud service offerings and compliant cloud regions.