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Kubernetes application transparency and cloud mappings

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New release: Improved Kubernetes deployment ingestion capabilities!

Txture now offers simplified data mappings and the extended ability to connect to on-premises, self-hosted Kubernetes all the way to EKS from AWS, GKE from Google Cloud and AKS from Azure.

Specifically for the cloud-managed versions of Kubernetes, Txture accesses the Kubernetes clusters (and in the future also all associated cloud-managed resources) via cloud APIs to further enrich the captured data.

Txture's Kubernetes importers analyze Kubernetes workload specifications as well as running compute and storage resources to build complete application stacks. The software lays out dependencies between the inferred application assets, technical components (as defined in container images), container specifications (compute resources, replicas, etc.) and attached storage. Additionally, it’s planned to automatically capture the usage underlying compute resources for cost estimation in the target cloud mappings.

Kubernetes importer configuration in TxtureKubernetes importer configuration with a single click (left) and easy data mapping onto the Txture standard data model (right)

In the starting phases of a cloud assessment and transformation initiative, efficient data collection is key. Txture's Kubernetes importers allow for rapid visibility into all of your Kubernetes environments: those run on-premises and those managed in the cloud already.

application stack imported via Kubernetes cluster data ingestionExample application stack imported automatically via Kubernetes cluster data ingestion.

This capability also comes in very handy to re-document and create an overview of your new application and IT landscape after a successful cloud transformation.

In cases where you are considering a change of environment, both on-premises to cloud or even cloud-to-cloud (e.g. cost re-evaluation, M&A consolidation activities, etc.), Txture helps you with its standard cloud capabilities to lay out a to-be perspective for your Kubernetes based application stacks.

When considering environment changes, whether shifting from on-premises to the cloud, or transitioning between clouds (for cost review, M&A consolidation, etc.), Txture leverages its standard cloud capabilities to help you map out the to-be state of your Kubernetes-based application stacks.

Cloud provider comparison for rehosting a Kubernetes-based applicationCross-cloud service provider comparison for rehosting a Kubernetes-based application. Also managed service proposals using PaaS are possible.

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