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Controlling software licensing in cloud strategy preferences

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Controlling software licensing of listed technologies in cloud strategy preferences

Licenses for particular software products are a significant cost driver when operating your cloud estate. Especially when moving from an on-premises environment to one of the hyperscalers, or when considering a change or consolidation of cloud service providers (i.e. a cloud-to-cloud initiative), you certainly want to optimize cost by leveraging your existing pool of software licenses.

Bring-your-own-license (BYOL) or bring-your-own-subscription (BYOS) approaches are not always easily possible. Do you deal with Oracle Databases that you would need to run on bare metal in Google Cloud or SQL Server installations on dedicated instances in AWS? You are not able to re-use your licenses with AWS RDS or Google's Cloud SQL? There are a few things to consider.

Txture helps you to express those licensing options as part of your cloud strategy preferences. Depending on those preferences for your application portfolio or individual applications, Txture:

  • calculates cloud services fees for BYOL/BYOS scenarios,
  • calculates cloud services fees when including licenses or a particular license option (cf. SQL Servers Express, Web, Standard or Enterprise versions) and
  • generates alternative target architecture solutions, e.g. if managed services like AWS RDS won't allow a BYOL strategy or gives you warnings in those situations.

As of now Txture supports the following license options of different database products and server operating systems:

Database Management SystemsSupported Licensing OptionsOperating SystemsSupported Licensing Options
Oracle DatabaseStandard Edition (2), Enterprise EditionMicrosoft Windows ServerInclude license, BYOL
Microsoft SQL ServerExpress, Web, Standard, EnterpriseRed Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)Include subscription, BYOS
SUSE Linux EnterpriseInclude subscription, BYOS
Screenshot of selectable technologies to express licensing preferences.List of selectable technologies to express licensing preferences.

This list of licensable technologies should have you covered in most situations. If you have suggestions for further technologies to add, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Licensing for cloud services is a critical aspect when establishing your cloud business case and when laying out a detailed migration plan for particular business applications. You always have to factor-in cost savings, but also the advantage of leveraging managed services and the on-demand, pay as you go nature of license-included offerings.

Screenshot of Comparing a BYOL with a license included business case in AWS.Comparing a BYOL with a license included business case in AWS.

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