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Interview Release Special with CTO

At the end of this year, we want to go through all 2021 release updates and provide you with a quick rundown of the most intriguing changes to our product.

So let’s have a chat with Thomas Trojer, our CTO & Head of Product:

Last year you told us about your role. Has there been a recent shift in your role, tasks, etc. concerning product management and development?

We are a growing software company and have a good amount of successes to celebrate. Management responsibility grew as well, but that is quite natural. I still influence general product vision, have room to understand marketing, project, and sales activities, and stay close with our diamond partners. Still, I'm just a part of a really great, self-empowered team that contributes to all product-related topics.

So, I gave away some and took over new responsibilities, but at its heart, my role is fortunately still the same: listening to a lot and working hard to understand and communicate the important problems of our clients, to enable both the implementation and presentation of proper solutions.

What’s your favorite feature of all 2021 product releases?

That is a difficult one. There is quite a lot going on when it comes down to product evolution throughout the months. I'm really proud that we released a valuable part of our managed cloud knowledge via Cloud Insider and that this new product is growing well.

But let me deviate a bit to answer the question. Our core product Txture Cloud Transformation is the single most complete cloud transformation platform on the market and we power the cloud journeys of customers across the globe, some of them managing thousands of business applications and hundreds of thousands of IT assets.

My favorite "feature" is a non-functional one. We enable both our partners and clients to drive complex cloud projects, from early business case analysis to fully transformed hybrid cloud estates. Txture CT is designed to enable efficiency gains in all activities and phases. The cloud knowledge, automation, and recommendations that are integrated with the product win them money, time, and confidence.

What’s the most value for our cloud consulting partners in your opinion?

Relating to the previous question, it is the assembly of capabilities that make cloud migration planning and long-term hybrid cloud operations so efficient with Txture CT. We are standardizing the basic building blocks of every cloud transformation journey and both our partners and our clients benefit from it. Still, we respect individual practices of our partners e.g. while assessing cloud readiness and are able to reflect that. The standardized process allows for automation in many areas and in turn, takes out risks and adds efficiency. In all of our projects, the ROI is a no-brainer.

Can you give us a short glimpse of what is to come in 2022?

We are working really hard to further advance our managed cloud market knowledge. E.g. detailed cloud service feature comparisons will enhance our automated cloud target solution architectures for existing on-premise and cloud application portfolios.

Both hybrid cloud and existing cloud landscapes will be focus points in 2022. Many clients still own data centers. We more and more take part in transformation projects where a private cloud or offerings of a locally managed service provider are equal targets for workloads, next to the major public cloud providers. Another part of our client base considers modernizing or shifting their already existing cloud estates, leveraging cloud-native services, or taking a glimpse to a different cloud provider, respectively. Even here we are already contributing to projects with our software. The demand and potential are just huge, so our efforts will be invested there.

Do you have any news concerning current product management job openings at Txture?

Yes, but not only. As a growing company, we are looking out for partner managers, technical colleagues for project success and general support, software developers, and product managers. As you were referring to product managers, we are looking for people with great communication skills for a partner-driven B2B software environment. Some previous experience in the software product domain is mandatory. Our product and engineering headquarter is in Innsbruck, Austria, in the middle of the Alps, and in that role, it would be beneficial to join the team on-site. Still, working remotely would be an option too.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our open positions and become part of a great team to lead cloud transformations globally.

Read more about our open positions here

Want some more Infos or want to try Txture on your own? Seeing is believing! Reach out to me for more information or request a free, personal demo to see our Tool in action.