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What’s New in Version 15?

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Txture new release 15 is now available! We very much appreciate the close cooperation with our customers to push the platform forward. Let’s have a look at what’s new!

What is new?

We expanded the Cloud Knowledge Engine with Mainframe Technologies

We added additional technologies to the Cloud Knowledge Engine. Now we can take into account mainframe technologies such as UNISYS ClearPath or IBM Z Systems and propose the appropriate 6 R's migration strategy. Txture's continuously growing Cloud Knowledge Engine contains IaaS, PaaS, CaaS and SaaS services from the hyper scalers like Google Cloud, AWS, Alibaba Cloud or Azure. This includes prices, locations, certifications and mapping to legacy technologies. Altogether the Cloud Knowledge Engine contains already 100.000+ technologies.

We improved the usability of the Transformation Cockpit and added new visualizations

Further development of the Transformation Cockpit improved usability and added new functionalities. The Transformation Cockpit now shows visualizations for the target deployment of proposed cloud architectures. This helps to more deeply analyze and optimize proposals from a technical, but also from a cost perspective. In the next release, we plan to make this visualization interactive to plan detailed cloud application refactorings.

replatforming AzureNew visualization for the Migration Plan

Further efforts will be put into the comparability of application migration options, the enrichment of the cloud strategy preferences as well as optimized cloud product selection.

Further minor improvements and innovations

  • We enhanced the usability and readability of surveys for the Cloud Readiness Assessment by implementing Markdown support for formatting texts in Surveys.
  • We expanded the functionality of the Time Machine. It is now possible to use the time machine to restore assets that have erroneously been deleted. Moreover, you can select an earlier change and reset the asset to its prior state.
  • We improved the handling of the dependency view by adding a “snap to grid" functionality. Assets now can be aligned more easily which makes your dependency views clearer and more presentable.

Feel free to request a free demo or contact us for more information about Release 15 and our new features!

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Florian Wirthensohn
Florian Wirthensohn
Florian is an IT Transformation Consultant and Analyst at Txture. Besides his daily activities in pushing forward the customers’ Cloud Transformation, Florian is passionate about researching promising topics around the future of IT. In addition to Cloud Transformations, Florian also specializes in Enterprise Architecture Management and IT Infrastructure Management.