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Enhanced Reporting for Scenario Comparisons

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enhanced reporting scenario comparison

Get deeper insights into your application landscape changes, or cloud migration plans, with our latest reporting capability improvements.

Starting with the new release, you can add saved reports for different scenarios alongside your as-is data on dashboards, enabling informed decision-making and better communication with other stakeholders.

Side-by-Side Comparisons to Make Informed Decisions

For Cloud Business Case Analysis:

Compare alternative scenarios and explore various potential cloud service strategies, providers or locations and their impact on your infrastructure and organization.

business-case-side-by-side-comparisonDashboard showing several Saved Report widgets, which provide additional detailed comparison of Technology Variants (Instance Types) of two potential cloud scenarios.

For Cloud Assessments & Migrations:

Compare your current IT landscape with a potential future cloud scenario, visualizing and evaluating changes in used technologies, CPU cores, detailed cost analysis per asset type etc.

cloud-migration-side-by-side-comparisonExcerpt of a dashboard with two Saved Report widgets that compare your current AS-IS Asset Types (on the left) with your potential Target Architecture Landscape (on the right).

For Application Portfolio Management:

Evaluate changes in your application portfolio over time and analyze how your business capabilities may have changed. We track the timestamp of each individual change, allowing you to delve into historical data and report on the application portfolio evolution.

In addition, by creating alternative future scenarios, you can visualize the impact of various options for merging, modernizing, or eliminating applications (e.g., based on functional overlap) from a purely strategic standpoint to help inform decisions such as whether to keep or retire applications.

application-portfolio-management-side-by-side-comparisonExcerpt of a dashboard that shows a report with historical data (left) and one with the EOL (End of Life) dates of the current servers (right).

Gain Clarity & Compare Options for Your Cloud or Application Portfolio Strategy

These latest improvements should help you gain a comprehensive view of your application landscape and potential changes from different perspectives to improve decision-making and effectively communicate complex plans to stakeholders.

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