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Accelerate Google Cloud transformation through Stratozone data ingestion

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new cloud importer "stratozone" in txture

Txture Cloud Transformation is your central data, insights and communication hub to comprehend an enterprise client's application and IT estate and lay out a cloud migration plan.

The foundation for automated cloud assessments and cloud target state recommendations is to leverage data from various existing data sources with your client. Txture greatly reduces efforts in the data collection process, as it integrates data about the client's estate coming from discovery solutions, CMDBs, virtualization managers, EAM, and more. Plus it unifies all this via integrated data collection surveys, sent to application and system owners.

With this new update we have extended our portfolio of integrations. We now offer one-click data ingestion from Google's Stratozone discovery solution.

new cloud importer "stratozone" in txture

The data ingestion mechanism automatically takes care of synchronizing all IT assets and dependencies and also adds technology, configuration and sizing attributes.

application stack with dependencies in txtureAn imported application deployment stack from Google's Stratozone, using the dedicated one-click data ingestion of Txture.

Following from that you can use Txture as usual to rapidly assess all imported business applications and forecast on potential target cloud solution alternatives including cost, cloud services, data center locations, estimated carbon footprint and much more.

google cloud replatforming proposal overview card in txture overview of different applications and their selected migration strategies in txture

At Txture we are continuously working to make your migration planning experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Use Txture with Stratozone discovered data or leverage any of our other standard data integrations.

Keen to learn more and explore the new feature in a hands-on demo? Please get in touch with us to find out more how Txture can help you save time and costs.

Thomas Trojer
Thomas Trojer
Thomas is responsible for the overall product vision at Txture. Joining Txtures enablement teams regularly, he is strongly connected to customers and partners alike. And there is one primary topic he is eager about: building software to solve the crucial problems during a cloud transformation journey.