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Survey enhancements for more efficient use

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survey enhancements

The Txture surveys constitute an essential part in the data collection process to gather all necessary information from application owners and other stakeholders.

In release 32 you’ll find a lot of improvements for easier handling of survey configuration and additional customization features to restrict the access of survey participants and give administrators more control.

What we focused on in a nutshell:

  • Ability to move questions across survey sections
  • Increased efficiency through default description texts
  • Additional options to remove standard survey components and actions

Improved usability when creating new surveys

Each question can now be freely moved within a certain section but also across survey sections which is particularly useful in case a comprehensive restructuring of a single survey might be necessary.

txture featureEach item can be freely moved within or across survey sections

In addition, the description field in each property and link generation question has been given a default text based on the question type and asset context. For instance, a Property question for the asset’s property “Begin of PhaseIn” has the following question text: “Please provide a calendar date for beginning of phase-in.”

Of course, additional text can always be added if needed, but a standardized text allows to save time when configuring a new survey.

Simplified questionnaire layouts & user restrictions

It is now possible to remove certain standard survey components, such as the comments field or the option to delegate a survey to another colleague. The overall goal is to keep the layout simple and avoid potentially confusing your users.

Additionally, when setting up a link generation question, it has become optional to allow the creation of an asset while editing links. This gives the administrators more control over who can change which components in the application stack.

txture featureSimplified questionnaire layout

Have we sparked your interest in exploring the new feature in a hands-on demo? Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more how Txture can help you save costs.