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Cloud transformation Case Study
Case Study: Large-scale cloud transformation of an international investment bank
Find out how an international investment bank, with operations in more than 30 countries, successfully moved to the cloud using the Txture platform for cloud transformation.
Case Study
Cloud Migration
MediaMarktSaturn Case Study
Case Study: End-to-End Cloud Transformation of a large European Retailer - MediaMarktSaturn
Learn about MediaMarktSaturns objectives to gain a clear understanding of their IT environment, optimize their application portfolio, and ensure that all the appications they intend to move are cloud-ready.
Case Study
Cloud Migration
Cloud Assessment Financial Industry
Case Study: Cloud Assessment of a major German Bank
Get insights into a cloud assessment project in the financial industry. The case study describes the situation, approach and results of a cloud assessment project with a major German Bank.
Case Study
Cloud Readiness & Assessment