Cloud Pre-Sales Consultants

Supporting cloud pre-sales consultants with simulations and comparisons


As a cloud pre-sales consultant, you need to be knowledgeable about the ever-changing cloud market and provide your potential clients with price points within offers and RFP responses. In some cases, giving your clients a rough order of magnitude estimate of the migration costs and road blocks can require serious investment from your business development budget.


There are two main challenges for cloud pre-sales consultants. Firstly, the ever-changing cloud service market and its hard-to-compare pricing models make it tricky to calculate prices for large-scale projects. Secondly, it is difficult to give potential clients reliable cost estimates without a full overview of their IT landscape.


Txture solves both of these issues. Cloud Insider enables you to quickly create offers for large cloud projects and helps you to compare the prices of different providers and deployment locations. It also provides your team with up-to-date information about the cloud service market, including cost and performance comparisons. You can also use Txture Cloud Transformation to do a rapid, high-level assessment of your client’s application landscape and quickly generate comparable transformation scenarios with a range of cloud providers and migration strategies.
  • Explore up-to-date prices, provider locations and certifications
  • Compare potential cloud solution designs
  • Visual Sales tool

benefits for pre-sales consultants

Fast Multi-Cloud Market Insights

Txture provides a fast overview of the current multi-cloud market, including price trends, performance benchmarks and new service offerings, so your team always has the information they need.

Efficient Offer Creation

Create offers quickly and efficiently with Cloud Insider, reducing your costs in the process.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage by using Txture Cloud Transformation’s unique transformation simulation feature and give your clients transformation cost estimates based on facts, not guesswork.

Visual Sales Tool

Utilize Txture’s products as visual sales tools and impress potential clients not only with your track record but also with your cutting-edge technology.

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