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The only platform system integrators need for end-to-end cloud transformation


The cloud market is growing faster than ever before, and as a system integrator, you have a unique opportunity to give your organization a competitive advantage and capture market share. No matter if you are a regional or global system integrator, now is the time to help your clients to move to the cloud. It is very important to get your foot in the door early on in the process, by defining your client’s cloud strategy and assessing their application landscape. This way, you can be sure to benefit from the large margins that migration and managed services provide.


Besides the strong competition emerging from legacy technology providers, system integrators struggle with scaling and standardizing their professional services offerings to ensure consistent speed and quality. This is made much more difficult by the fact that it is currently very hard to hire skilled cloud professionals. A stressful working environment, high workloads and poor quality results can lower team morale and make staff retention difficult.


Txture Cloud Transformation provides a standardized but flexible best practice process for end-to-end cloud transformation. It helps you hit the ground running with a standardized assessment, migration planning and tracking process. Additionally, Txture provides you with a complete overview of the migration process plus flexible reporting mechanisms to keep internal and external stakeholders in the loop. Cloud Insider also enables your pre-sales consultants to stay better informed about the cloud service market and to create faster and more accurate proposals.
  • Standardized best-practice process
  • Flexible reporting mechanism
  • Faster and more accurate proposals

Win More Bids

Nowadays, it is expected that you will bring market-leading tools to the table when pitching to clients. Txture’s visual approach helps to convince potential clients of your high-quality consulting services.

10x Speed of Assessment

With Txture, you can speed up the assessment phase and quickly move on to the actual migration and managed services, where the real margins can be expected.

More Projects with Fewer Resources

Our standard cloud transformation approach can be easily followed by less experienced colleagues, enabling you to execute more projects with fewer resources.

Scalable and Repeatable Process

Stop reinventing the wheel: Txture’s standardized process for cloud transformations saves you both time and money.

Satisfied and Efficient Staff

Applying a best practice method and an outstanding solution reduces workload and avoids frustration. This not only makes your team more productive, but also raises team morale and makes it easier to attract the best talent on the market.

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