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As consultants in the cloud transformation space, you are expected to quickly assess the application landscape of your client and drive their transformation with an effective cloud strategy. Staying on time and on budget is crucial in the assessment phase — if you can deliver in the early stages of the transformation, you are much more likely to win the entire transformation project.


Fixed price projects, a competitive environment and the fast pace of change in the cloud service market make it challenging for your team to always deliver on time and on budget. Assessing a client’s complex IT landscape can quickly become a tedious task, leading to delays and hitting team morale. And without standardized processes for transformation projects, your teams may waste resources by reinventing the wheel with each new client.


Txture Cloud Transformation provides the so-called “Cloud Transformation Cockpit” that guides your teams through a standardized, repeatable and scalable process for assessing, planning and executing large-scale cloud transformations. The best practice approach allows even less skilled consultants to execute quality transformation projects, enabling you to take on more projects with fewer resources. Txture Cloud Transformation has been proven in dozens of large transformation projects globally, with over 20,000 applications assessed.
  • Standardized, repeatable & scalable process
  • More projects with fewer resources
  • Cloud market knowledge to enable your team

Benefits for cloud transformation consultants

Win More Bids

Nowadays, it is expected that you will bring market-leading tools to the table when pitching to clients. Txture’s visual approach helps to convince potential clients of your high-quality consulting services.

10x Speed of Assessment

With Txture, you can speed up the assessment phase and quickly move on to the actual migration and managed services, where the real margins can be expected.

Less Tedious Work

Txture automates some of the most tedious tasks in a cloud transformation project, such as discovery and continuous reporting.

Scalable and Repeatable Process

Stop reinventing the wheel: Txture’s standardized process for cloud transformations saves you both time and money.

Cloud Market Knowledge

Empower your team with up-to-date knowledge about the multi-cloud service landscape with Cloud Insider.

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