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Cloud Center of Excellence

Why a cloud center of excellence makes cloud transformation easier

Automation, Operating models & governance, Cloud managed services

Many organizations are moving their IT to the cloud to improve business processes, reduce costs and increase agility. Cloud transformation means much more than a technical upgrade and there are stumbling blocks related to security, compliance, uncertainty of the business effects, the selection of the right cloud providers and services and many more.

The organizational key measure to tackle these obstacles is to establish a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE). A CCoE brings together a cross-functional team, including people from Enterprise Architecture, DevOps, CloudOps, IT-Infrastructure and Business, to govern and drive the cloud transformation process. The CCoE ensures that all stakeholders understand not only cloud technology but also the cultural and process-related changes needed for the move to the cloud.

Our CTO Thomas Trojer explains in an article of the CloudComputing-Insider why a cross-functional team makes the cloud transformation easier, how the team should be staffed and what core tasks to focus on.

→ Read the full article here (DE)

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