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Migration Strategies Compared: Traditional System Integrator vs Cloud-native Partner

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Automation, Operating models & governance, Cloud managed services

When setting a cloud migration strategy, it is important to bear in mind the implications of choosing a Traditional System Integrator vs. a Cloud-Native Provider. This article by Nordcloud outlines the key points by focusing on 3 elements:

  • Automation
  • Operating models & governance
  • Cloud managed services.

Automation: Nordcloud suggests that it is possible to achieve both, a fast data center exit, as well as a modernized application landscape by evaluating partners based on their automation ability. The article describes in more detail why cloud-native is here clearly at the forefront.

Operating models & governance: It needs more than just a hosting change to really speed up your time to market. With traditional SI you might miss opportunities to optimize cloud TCO and development cycles. as compared to the cloud-native approach.

Cloud Managed Services: These services are key to optimize your running cloud costs and innovation velocity. It is pointed out that traditional SI managed service models are based on tickets and penalising downtime which may discourage innovation, as opposed to cloud-native service approaches which result in greater development efficiency overall.

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