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Surviving in the Messy World of Multi-Cloud Pricing

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Cloud architect in front of wall thinking of the hybrid multi cloud strategy, the migration plan and cloud business case

The comparability between cloud providers and the predictability of cloud costs are major concerns for organizations considering the move to the cloud. Those uncertainties about the costs accumulating for running a large portfolio of applications in the cloud can be a major hurdle when migrating on-premises solutions. In this first installment of our series “Cloud Deep Dive”, we want to take a closer look at the issue based on some examples. Here we aim to bring clarity to the challenges of the cloud pricing matter. Furthermore, we share some of our practical approaches to optimize cloud costs and to make Multi-Cloud pricing more transparent - specifically for Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) teams.

In this article you are going to read about the following aspects of Multi-Cloud pricing:

  • What causes the lack of comparability of cloud products and complexity in Multi-Cloud pricing?
  • What are the five major challenges in Multi-Cloud Pricing organizations are facing during their cloud transformation?
  • How can you master these challenges within your CCoE and identify a cost-optimized cloud product portfolio?

We created a platform for members of the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) of large organizations who want to speed up the cloud transformation and make the right migration decisions.

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Get to know the five major pains we identified regarding Multi-Cloud pricing and read about Txture’s best practice on how to generate an optimized Multi-Cloud portfolio.

Florian Wirthensohn
Florian Wirthensohn
Florian is an IT Transformation Consultant and Analyst at Txture. Besides his daily activities in pushing forward the customers’ Cloud Transformation, Florian is passionate about researching promising topics around the future of IT. In addition to Cloud Transformations, Florian also specializes in Enterprise Architecture Management and IT Infrastructure Management.