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New Partnership With CLOUDPILOTS

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Cloudpilots Partnership cloud partner joining forces to help clients move to the cloud

Partnerships with leading technology and software companies are among the strengths of Txture. We cooperate closely with cloud providers, managed service providers as well as System Integrators and Consulting Companies to expand our target markets and create valuable benefits for you as our customer.

First-class solutions result from best components in all areas. Our partnerships aim to pave the way for your business to digitization, transformation and growth.

CLOUDPILOTS is now a consulting partner of Txture

We are excited about this new partnership as we form a perfect symbiosis with the CLOUDPILOTS service portfolio and our Txture cloud transformation platform. With this alliance, we can offer the highest quality cloud consulting and implementation services with our cloud transformation platform in the German speaking region.

CLOUDPILOTS advises and accompanies organizations in the process of transforming business processes and migrating applications to the cloud. They support the implementation of cloud-based IT services (SaaS) with the development of products, solutions and custom applications (PaaS) based on cloud architectures.

TXTURE as a true end-to-end Cloud transformation platform, analyses the cloud readiness of application landscapes from the business, security, technical and compliance perspective and recommends cloud solution architectures and cost forecasting based on your cloud (vendor) strategy.

Together with our partner CLOUDPILOTS we enable lightning fast, cost effective and compliant cloud transformations.

Benefits for our clients:

  • High quality cloud consulting
  • Calculate your Cloud Business Case
  • Assess your Cloud Readiness
  • Increase transformation speed
  • Reduce transformation cost
  • Reduce transformation risk

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Bianca Lottersberger
Bianca Lottersberger
Bianca is Marketing Manager at Txture. Her heart beats for interesting news, new markets, exciting events, strong partnerships and inspiring contacts.