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Partnership with Public Cloud Group

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Partnership with Public Cloud Group

We're happy to announce our partnership with the Public Cloud Group (PCG) in Austria!

Organizations’ digital landscapes are changing faster than ever before while cloud technologies are driving efficiency, scalability, and innovation. As a leading Software-as-a-Service company, Txture is committed to enabling seamless cloud migration for organizations worldwide. We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with the reputable cloud consulting firm, Public Cloud Group in Austria. Together, we will revolutionize IT transformation and empower businesses to harness the full potential of the cloud.

"Using Txture’s software enables our teams to deliver cloud transformation projects faster and with high, predictable quality."

Gerald Aigner, CEO at Public Cloud Group GmbH Austria

About the Public Cloud Group:

Public Cloud Group (PCG) is a renowned consulting company specializing in digital transformation and cloud services. With a track record of successful cloud projects, they bring a strong presence in the European region and deep industry expertise to the table. PCG's commitment to delivering exceptional value to their clients aligns perfectly with Txture's vision, making this partnership a natural fit.

About Txture:

Txture is an end-to-end cloud transformation software platform that analyses the cloud readiness of IT landscapes from the perspectives of business, security, compliance, and infrastructure. Txture recommends cloud solution architectures and enables cost forecasting and price comparisons between providers based on the cloud (vendor) strategy. It also provides governance over the entire migration process and features for cloud modernization.

What customers can expect from the partnership between PCG and Txture

  • Expertise Combination: Txture's cloud adoption platform and PCG consulting experience create a winning formula for successful cloud migrations.
  • End-to-End Solution: The partnership offers a comprehensive cloud migration solution, covering assessment, planning, execution, and continuous IT portfolio optimization.
  • Faster Time-to-Value: Automated analysis from Txture and cloud technology understanding from PCG accelerate cloud migration projects.
  • Cost Optimization: With PCG guidance, organizations can effectively use Txture's cost analysis features to right-size and optimize their cloud spend.

The strategic partnership between Txture and PCG in Austria represents an exciting leap forward in simplifying and accelerating cloud migration. By combining Txture's advanced cloud transformation platform with PCG's expertise, organizations gain unparalleled support throughout their cloud migration journeys. This collaboration brings us closer to our shared vision of empowering businesses worldwide to unlock the true potential of the cloud and drive sustainable growth in the digital era.

Benefit from this bundled knowledge and shared experience of PCG and Txture: Reach out to us and kick off your journey to the cloud now! 👇

Or contact us directly:

Stefan Heilig
Global Partner Manager, Txture

Gerald Aigner
CEO, Public Cloud Group GmbH Austria

Lena Weyerhäuser
Lena Weyerhäuser
Lena works as Performance Marketing Manager at Txture. She’s raising awareness of the digital transformation benefits, and creates visibility for Txture’s Cloud Migration Solutions.