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New Partnership With incowia

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Incowia Partnership cloud partner joining forces to help clients move to the cloud

Partnerships with leading technology and software companies are among the strengths of Txture. We cooperate closely with cloud providers, managed service providers as well as System Integrators and Consulting Companies to expand our target markets and create valuable benefits for you as our customer.

First-class solutions result from best components in all areas. Our partnerships aim to pave the way for your business to digitization, transformation and growth.

incowia Is Now a Txture Consulting Partner

We are particularly excited about the new partnership with incowia, as we have been able to find many similarities in our understanding of practical modeling and planning of IT landscapes, and to be able to optimally pass on these synergy effects to our customers.

Txture covers a highly flexible Enterprise Architecture platform specialized in cloud transformation. You can manage and plan your application and technology portfolio in a collaborative and intuitive way. Combined with the Cloud Transformation module, you can analyze all of your applications from a business and compliance standpoint for their cloud readiness and pave the way to the cloud. Bundled with incowia’s longtime EA consulting experience, Txture creates strong value in optimizing the whole IT landscape.

As strong partners, we want to expand trustingly and collectively in the DACH area and successfully implement projects.

Your Benefits:

  • Building application landscapes through pragmatic and sustainable incowia methods and using Txture to increase efficiency and reduce cost
  • Initiate and accompany the establishment of EAM as a function
  • Build and develop EA teams
  • Using Txture, you can strategically analyze and model your IT Landscape
  • Integrate Txture with other systems to add value
  • Easy switch from overpriced tools to a modern and intuitive EAM Tool
Bianca Wolf
Bianca Wolf
Bianca is Marketing Manager at Txture. Her heart beats for interesting news, new markets, exciting events, strong partnerships and inspiring contacts.