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New Partnership with Heuck & Company

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New Partnership with Heuck & Company

We are happy to introduce to you one of our consulting partners focusing on state-of-the-art project management support in all cloud transformation aspects as well as any related support services in IT projects that are conducted in your individual journey to the cloud.

Through the symbiosis of the Heuck & Company professional service portfolio with our Txture cloud transformation platform, we can offer the highest quality cloud consulting and implementation services.

Heuck & Company stands for selected consulting services concerning project management in IT projects and programs. The focus of the portfolio lies in business process analysis and reengineering, which is the basis for their sustainable, integrated project management support services. In addition, Heuck & Company offers proven expertise in the areas of project initialization and project reviews as well as project quality management. Furthermore, Heuck & Company advises and accompanies organizations in the transformation of processes in preparation for the move of services into the cloud and supports transition and migration activities.

Txture as a true end-to-end Cloud transformation platform analyses the cloud readiness of application landscapes from the business, security, technical, and compliance perspective and recommends cloud solution architectures and cost forecasting based on your cloud (vendor) strategy. During and after the transformation Txture reports the transformation progress and helps you to manage and cost optimize your multi-cloud and hybrid IT landscape.

Together, we enable you to:

  • Provide high-quality cloud transformation project management & cloud consulting services
  • Create high transparency over your IT landscape
  • Guide through your complete end-to-end journey to the cloud
  • Perform cloud readiness, risk and value assessment
  • Calculate cloud business cases for your application portfolio
  • Perform transformation governance and increase progress transparency
  • Simulate cloud transformation scenarios

Interested in how Txture and Heuck & Company can level-up your cloud migration?

Or contact us directly:

Jochim Kynast
Global Partner Manager, Txture

Dirk Heuck
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Heuck & Company

Bianca Wolf
Bianca Wolf
Bianca is Marketing Manager at Txture. Her heart beats for interesting news, new markets, exciting events, strong partnerships and inspiring contacts.