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New Partnership with SPIRIT/21

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New Partnership with SPIRIT/21

First-class solutions result from best components in all areas. Our collaborations aim to pave the way for your company's digitization, transformation, and expansion.

SPIRIT/21 is now a consulting partner of Txture

We’re excited about this new collaboration as we form a perfect symbiosis with the SPIRIT/21 service portfolio and our Txture cloud transformation platform. With this new partnership, we will be able to provide the highest quality cloud consulting and implementation services in the German-speaking area using our cloud transformation platform.

SPIRIT/21 is an innovative IT Service Provider and a reliable partner for the challenges of digital change. With a focus on the areas of digitization, cloud, security, SAP, and IT infrastructure, they offer competent advice and implementation on all IT topics from a single source and thus help customers to fully exploit their potential. SPIRIT/21 helps to define an individually adapted cloud strategy and accompanies their customers on the way to transferring services to the cloud. SPIRIT/21 also provides a cloud proof-of-concept program, which allows departments and IT to get up and running quickly and test cloud systems, migration methods, and cloud-based applications.

Txture is a cloud transformation and continuous application portfolio management, modernization, and governance platform for the Cloud Center of Excellence, enterprise architects, and system integrators. Txture analyses the cloud readiness of application landscapes from the business, security, technical, and compliance perspective and recommends cloud solution architectures and cost forecasting based on your cloud (vendor) strategy. Moreover, it supports you with your ongoing multi-cloud strategy to help you optimize your costs and maximize your outcome.

We enable lightning-quick, cost-effective, and compliant cloud transformations with our new partner SPIRIT/21.

How our clients benefit from our collaborative effort:

  • High-quality cloud consulting
  • End-to-End Standardized Process
  • Cloud Compliance
  • Transparent Transformation Process
  • Unified Solution
  • Calculate your Cloud Business Case
  • Optimize Cloud spending Costs
  • Assess your Cloud Readiness
  • Increase transformation speed
  • Reduce transformation cost & risk

Interested in how Txture & SPIRIT/21 can level up your cloud migration? Benefit from this bundled knowledge and shared experience and request a demo:

Or contact us directly:

Jochim Kynast
Global Partner Manager, Txture

Thomas Strigel
Head of Business Development, Managed Solutions & Consulting, SPIRIT/21

Bianca Wolf
Bianca Wolf
Bianca is Marketing Manager at Txture. Her heart beats for interesting news, new markets, exciting events, strong partnerships and inspiring contacts.