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Streamline Cloud Business Case analysis with enhanced bill of materials

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A sound business case analysis for a cloud migration requires a clear understanding of how your existing infrastructure assets map to potential cloud-based equivalents.

Our latest product update enhances the Bill of Materials (BOM), a crucial component in Txture’s Business Case Builder for visualizing and analyzing cloud migration scenarios.

The Bill of Materials now features enhanced filtering options, as well as quick links, to navigate between your existing assets and their corresponding cloud replacements seamlessly. This streamlined approach simplifies the identification and comparison of assets, making it easier to assess the impact of cloud migration decisions.

Example: Containers as Cloud Replacements

Consider a scenario where you're migrating a few hundred servers. In this scenario, your preferred cloud strategy involves containerization, but not all servers are compatible with this approach. Some of the servers require simple IaaS or PaaS solutions.

In the cloud target architecture, servers are removed and replaced with new compute resources within the kubernetes cluster. The new cluster's instances don't necessarily match the count of removed virtual servers. However, a new "Replacement added in" badge directs you to a filtered view of the Bill of Materials, highlighting the new cluster assets and their corresponding compute resources.

replacement added in badgeThe replacement added in badge indicates where you can find the cloud replacements for a specific asset replacement for badge

Mapping issues: identifying mismatches

Starting from version 40, the Business Case Builder introduces "Mapping Issues," which help you identify assets that could not be matched with a cloud replacement.

Mapping Issues list all assets that couldn't be mapped based on the defined Target Architecture Preferences, such as preferred locations or accepted technologies. They provide explanations for these mismatches, which can stem from various causes, such as missing technology information or unavailable services at specific locations. Mapping Issues ensure you have a clear picture of your cloud migration plan and address potential mismatches.

detection of mapping issues

Overall, our enhanced Bill Of Materials and mapping issues features streamline cloud migration planning by:

  • Simplified asset identification and comparison: Clear visual representation of assets and their cloud replacements.
  • Enhanced filtering and quick links: Efficient navigation between related assets and replacements.
  • Proactive detection of mapping issues: Identify and address potential mismatches before they impact the migration plan.

With these improvements, our software empowers you to confidently plan and execute cloud migrations, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to the cloud.

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