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Moving to the cloud? Migrating to a new cloud provider? Txture's Business Case Builder is the solution to quickly analyze your existing IT estate and find the best replacement options in the cloud. Leverage Txture's cloud knowledge base and make the right migration decisions with speed!
Save time in analyzing your current on-premises or cloud estate
Make faster and more informed migration decisions
Save costs by optimizing your cloud estate

Key Features

Fast data collection

Map your current IT estate

Connect to every data source. Spreadsheets, CMDBs, cloud providers' APIs, virtualization environments like VMWare… Quickly ingest all the data you need with Txture's wide range of importers.

Explore every aspect of your IT estate. The Txture platform inventories every layer of your IT estate: virtual machines, storage, but also databases, cloud services, and much more. It provides you with a complete overview of your current IT estate.

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Cloud Replacement proposals

Get personalized cloud migration recommendations

Define your migration preferences. Txture lets you express your migration preferences (cloud provider, deployment location, certification requirements, etc.) and generates tailored migration proposals to compare.

Find the right services in the cloud. Txture analyzes every asset of your IT estate, and automatically recommends the best-suited replacements in the cloud.

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Speed up your cloud transformation.
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Discover how Business Case Builder helps you compare cloud migration options, and make the right decisions faster.

Easy comparison

Make migration decisions with speed and confidence

Compare several migration options.The best migration options are presented side-by-side, allowing easy comparison of features, prices, carbon footprint, and much more! You instantly get all the information you need to select the best migration options.

Choose the best pricing model. The platform presents you with different pricing options in the cloud, and gives a cost estimate for each pricing model. Instantly compare pricing models and choose the one that works best.

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Right-sizing and optimization

Optimize your IT estate and save costs

Identify optimization and right-sizing opportunities. Collect utilization data using the platform, quickly identify right-sizing options and save costs. 

Compare prices of cloud services and locations. Easy side-by-side comparison of cloud services options and prices empowers you to make the right replacements and optimize your cloud estate. 

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Txture is used by large organizations, cloud providers and the biggest SI companies in the world.
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Infineon Technologies
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