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Cloud Cost Optimization & Right-Sizing

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dollar sign moving to the cloud with Txture balloons with right sizing functionalities and cloud cost optimization

High ongoing cloud-costs make resource optimization an essential task in operating an extensive cloud service portfolio. Only a perfectly cost-optimized cloud service portfolio can compete with an on-prem architecture in terms of TCO. Cloud-right-sizing is probably the easiest way to cut down cloud costs and do a cloud-cost-optimization. This is one of the key tasks of the cloud center of excellence.

During the migration from your local on-prem IT infrastructure to the cloud, you have to decide on the optimal instance size of a cloud service for the optimal one from a cost-performance ratio. This is the perfect time to analyze the actual consumption of your infrastructure and right-size the corresponding cloud instances. On a regular basis having a look at the actual consumption in the cloud is also important after the migration to continuously optimize the costs.

Txture’s Right-Sizing feature supports you in reducing cloud costs

From version 17 on, Txture’s Cloud Transformation Platform includes right-sizing functionalities as part of the new Target Architecture section.

Based on your own scaling factors, Txture identifies the right cloud instance sizes from all major hyperscalers like GCP, AWS and Azure, and matches the actual consumption. This ensures cost- and resource-optimized cloud target architectures. Taking into account cloud product sizes and configurations, their prices as well as the actual utilizations, the new right-sizing features make it much easier to identify potential cost-savings and decide for a cost-optimized target architecture. This is particularly valuable for very large multi-cloud migrations. The following screenshot shows the optimized mapping from an on-prem Ubuntu VM to an Azure IaaS service, enabling a monthly cost saving of $36.

right-sizingTxture helps to save cloud-costs by providing resource-optimized, so-called right-sized, cloud solutions. In this example, Txture suggests a smaller virtual machine that allows savings of over 25% in costs.

Along with the cloud readiness assessment, optimized cloud target architecture generation, and reserved instances calculator, the right-sizing feature is another powerful method to reduce costs.

Are you interested in finding out more about how to save cloud costs? Please get in touch for more information about how Txture helped large organizations to save costs and move to the cloud with speed and confidence!